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G550 Specifications

The HALO aircraft is based on a commercial business jet, a Gulfstream G550. More information about Gulfstream and the G550 is available at the Gulfstream website.

The following specifications are for a production aircraft. The actual specifications of the modified HALO aircraft are somewhat different from the data of the production aircraft.


Aircraft Performance
Maximum Range
(8 passengers, 4 crew, NBAA IFR reserves) The actual range will also be affected by speed, weather, outfitting options and others.
12,501 km at Mach 0.8
Maximum Operating Mach Number Mach 0.885
Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 1,801 m
Landing Distance (SL, ISA, MLW) 844 m
Maximum Cruise Altitude 15,545 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 41,277 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 34,156 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 24,721 kg
Maximum Payload 2,812 kg
Payload with Maximum Fuel 816 kg
Design Standards
Rolls-Royce BR710 Engines 2
Maximum Passengers 19
Length 29.4 m
Height 7.9 m
Wingspan 28.5 m
Cabin Length 15.3 m
Cabin Height 1.88 m
Cabin Width 2.24 m
Cabin Volume 47.3 m3