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Call for proposals of new HALO missions (2019-2022)


The HALO-WLA and the DFG-SPP coordinators call for HALO mission proposals for the time period 2019-2022. Decisions will be made after a two-stage selection procedure.

Step A: Submission of draft proposals, until 1 June 2016

Complete the HALO flight request form (feasibility) and submit it together with a concise (3 pages maximum) scientific project outline, which should contain:

  • Topic, mission PI
  • Scientific rationale
  • Objectives
  • Coarse work program

Please send your draft proposal and the completed flight request form to Helmut Ziereis (until 1 June 2016).

The flight request form should be sent in parallel to Katrin Witte (asap).

Step B: Evaluation

A colloquium with invited international reviewers will be held in Leipzig on 19-21 September 2016. During the colloquium the mission PIs will present and defend their cases.


Markus Rapp and Manfred Wendisch
January 12, 2016




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