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First Landing at DLR

Photos are taken during the flight and first landing at the DLR at Oberpfaffenhofen GERMANY (April 25, 2006)

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HALO in front of the Bavarian Mountains

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Meeting of the generations: DLR research aircraft Falcon and the new HALO aircraft

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HALO on its way to Oberpfaffenhofen

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HALO is approaching Oberpfaffenhofen

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DLR research jets Falcon (CMET) and VFW 614 (ATTAS) and HALO approaching the airport in Oberpfaffenhofen

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HALO is prepared for landing

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HALO after landing

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HALO on the DLR apron

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HALO and the DLR research jets Falcon (CMET) and VFW 614 (ATTAS) on the apron